Orthodontic treatment doesn’t just take place during visits with the orthodontist in Gainesville, FL — ensuring proper oral care and adhering to instructions in between appointments are essential to reaching orthodontic success. Achieving a beautiful smile requires cooperation from our patients as well as commitment from our orthodontic team. To both recognize and reward the hard work and dedication of our patients to their orthodontic treatment — both in the office and at home — with braces and Invisalign®, we offer a patient rewards program.

What Is The Patient Rewards Program?

The patient rewards program offers recognition and reward to patients for their hard work throughout orthodontic treatment (from getting braces to getting braces removed) with stamps. During each appointment, patients can earn stamps and redeem their stamps for prizes.

How To Earn Points During Orthodontic Treatment

Whether you have Invisalign or braces for kids, teens, or adults, you can start earning points for your hard work during orthodontic treatment. Keep your teeth clean? Stamps awarded! Arrive on time and on the right day for your appointment? Stamps awarded! Don’t have any broken brackets and you’re wearing your rubber bands or wearing your aligners 22hours/day? Stamps, stamps, and more stamps! Contact our Gainesville orthodontists for more information about our patient rewards hub program or to schedule orthodontic treatment with Studio32 Orthodontics.